Captek is a unique “composite metal” or often referred to as an “internally reinforced gold” material which is ideal for crown and bridge restorations. Captek™ Crowns have proven to be exceptionally strong and durable. Captek™ is a high noble restoration containing 88% gold. The physical properties of the advanced gold material are derived from the reinforcing internal structure of Captek™. It’s patented advanced gold material enables us to provide you with a crown that will look natural at the gum line, eliminating any unsightly gray or black lines that can be associated with traditional crowns.

Captek’s™ gold material reduces the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure. The light-dispersion effects of Captek™ crowns are designed to mimic those of healthy natural tooth structure. Captek™ restorations are cosmetic, healthy, and durable – an advanced material designed for the patient who demands the best.